The VariMax Platform utilizes quality first-hand data from your specific field to tell you precisely when the plant needs water. It combines that with the holding capacities for the specific soils in that field. The result, we enable you to get the most out of every inch of water applied. Key benefits include:

  • Designed by FARMERS for FARMERS
  • Built to work with both ET modeling and moisture probes
  • Defines unique water holding capacities for each soil type
  • Provides recommendations in inches of water
  • Captures data to track plant available water, water use efficiency, crop growth and more

Water Management Made Easy 

Irrigation Scheduling Platform designed for the farmer. Increasing yields, efficiency, and profitability.

 Knowing what each fields water needs are from a single screen!PCM

Mobile AppTrack all your water events from our Mobile App

Get current and future daily water use reports. Soil Moisture

Helping growers get the most out of their dollar every step of the growing season.

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