On the wide range of fields and conditions that utilized the VariMax system on their 2017 Wheat Crop, we have compiled a summary of the average results.

One YIELD - Average $48.00 Per Acre increase
Two NITROGEN EFFICIENCY - Saved on average $12.00 Per Acre
Three PROTEIN - Applying an Extra Pass Late Season Application Increased Protein 1.2%, securing a $.60 Per Bushel Price Premium
four VARIABLE RATE APPLICATION - Provided a $4.36 Per Acre savings

Even though yields were lower this year due to lack of timely rains, we were able to achieve greater yield than was anticipated and I believe part of that was applying N where it was needed. Varimax is another tool we can use to individualize acres and maximize gross revenue.

Chad Hoffman
Kingman, KS

The information provided and the results I got this year made me a big believer in VariMax. I told my neighbors this is the future of ag. It’s time to hop on the train or get run over.

Steve Simpson
Enid, OK

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