One Provide us your field location
A. If you have field boundaries defined we upload them
B. If not, we will work with you to define your field boundaries for the system
Two We fly the field for the image
A. Data collected will be uploaded into VM and shared only with the farmer
Three The VariMax™ System gives back the information to the grower in a simple, easy to read and use format
A. Variable rate program will be compatible with each grower’s system
B. Not system stagnant or specific
C. Flexible with all systems
D. System not required to use variable rate, still can be a blanket application


One Gives what field information he has and applies
Two We do the rest

Even though yields were lower this year due to lack of timely rains, we were able to achieve greater yield than was anticipated and I believe part of that was applying N where it was needed. Varimax is another tool we can use to individualize acres and maximize gross revenue.

Chad Hoffman
Kingman, KS

The information provided and the results I got this year made me a big believer in VariMax. I told my neighbors this is the future of ag. It’s time to hop on the train or get run over.

Steve Simpson
Enid, OK

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